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When you are choosing a contractor for your grading, concrete, landscaping or tree care needs, you may be thinking that you are going to end up with someone who considers themselves a "Jack of all trades." This is not what you'll get when you work with Blackwood Contracting. Our contractors focus on specific areas of new home building, including grading the land and prepping foundations. We know where we excel and we focus on that area of work, leaving the rest to other companies. Your project will benefit because of our commitment to perfecting our craft.

Garden Path


Before you can create a gorgeous new landscape design, you need a blank canvas to work from.

Blackwood Contracting will help you transform your yard every step of the way.

With the experience of professional builders and concrete workers, Geary Blackwood and his team can help you with your project from the design through to selecting the best materials and all the way through to turf installation and the actual build itself. You have a full-service crew of experts working on your behalf when you pair up with Blackwood Contracting. We offer the following landscaping services:

  • Custom retaining walls, either timber, concrete or masonry

  • Planting area clear outs and builds

  • Removal of unwanted plants

  • Yard seeding

  • Turf installation

  • Volleyball courts

  • Basketball courts

  • Tennis courts

  • Pond building

  • Pond repair

Your yard should be your oasis! Let the team at Blackwood Contracting transform it for you.


Grading work needs to be done by professionals with the right experience.

If your land isn't graded correctly, it can be quite costly in the future.


Blackwood Contracting services all kinds of clients, from new homes being built to installing basketball courts in parks to commercial projects like road building. Our services include the following:


  • Lot clearing

  • Road building

  • Driveway repair and maintenance

  • Yard clean up

  • Drainage systems

  • Waterproofing

  • Backfilling

  • Hauling

  • Dozer work

  • Excavator work

  • Septic tank removal

  • Oil tank removal

  • Stone, gravel, rock, sand and mulch hauling and supply

  • Loader work

Cement Work


From large projects to decorative designs, we can cover it all!


Blackwood Contracting has been handling concrete projects since they first opened their doors. With decades of experience dealing with everything from new commercial construction to custom entryways, we have the expertise you need in order to make sure your concrete project is completed in an effective and timely manner. We handle the following types of concrete services:

  • Footings

  • Slabs

  • Driveways

  • Parking Lots

  • Sidewalks

  • Retaining walls

  • Stucco

  • Brick work

  • Marble work

  • Custom designs

  • Entrance walls for gated driveways

  • Foundation pours and repairs

  • Basketball, tennis and volleyball courts

We work with a  variety of different kinds of materials, as you can see from our list above. If you have a specific request in mind, just let us know! We will do our best to accommodate your ideas, and if we need to make a modification in order for you to have the finished product of your dreams, we will make sure that you're in the loop every step of the way.

Tree and Stump Removal

Don't let a stump prevent you from expanding on your new home.

Because stump removal can be a time-consuming process, why not trust the experts to handle the job for you.

He are a few reasons to remove stumps:

  • Blocking space for home additions

  • Removing a tripping hazard

  • Termite infestation


Don't let dead or diseased trees take up space on your property.

Sometimes tree removal is necessary to preserve a beautiful landscape. Removing these troubled trees can also prevent unnecessary accidents-like falling trees that can injure your or damage your property. Trust the experts at Blackwood Contracting to deal with your trouble trees.


Tree Trimming and Pruning

Trimming your trees and shrubs require just the right amount of care because it can be tricky, especially when they are located at the edge of your property, near street signs or power lines. So why risk injury to yourself when Blackwood Contracting can safely trim them for you.

Why trim your trees, you ask?

Diseased, dead or dying tree limbs or trees that are brittle and weak can be very problematic and dangerous during storms or otherwise. They have the potential to fall on structures -houses or cars, and can even cause death under some circumstances. Call today and let us eliminate the risk.


Tree Pruning

Regular pruning is necessary for the health of your trees.


Fallen trees are more than just a nuisance, they can pose a serious safety risk.

Trust your local Chapel Hill tree removal experts for any and all tree services.

Being a property owner can be less than fun when it comes to maintenance work on things like your trees. If you've got a tree that you think may be sick or dead, or you have low hanging branches that you're just not sure are safe, don't wait for an incident to occur to tackle the problem! Call the experts at Blackwood Contracting to deal with your trouble trees before any emergencies take place. The pros at Blackwood Contracting offer the following tree services:

  • Problem tree removal

  • Tree pruning

  • Stump removal

  • Brush clean-up

  • Large chipper service

  • Emergency tree removal

Residents in Chapel Hill and the surrounding areas are able to get all their tree services handled with the expertise of the team at Blackwood Contracting.

Broken Trunk
Bulldozers at the Site


We've got the machinery you need to get the job done.

Blackwood Contracting rents landscaping and grading machinery, including excavators, dozers, loaders, and dump trucks.

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